Sydney Symphony Orchestra’s 2014 Absolutely Beethoven
Concert featuring new Chief Conductor, David Robertson.

The design brief required a focus on Beethoven’s influence over the musical program, as well as advertise David Robertson’s first concert as chief conductor. Each letter of Beethoven’s name contains an image; starting with a childhood portrait, the series continues through to a posthumous statue and evokes the immortal breadth of the composer’s work.

STRAVINSKY Symphony in Three Movements
ADAMS Absolute Jest
BEETHOVEN Symphony No.7

“A vibrant, dancing symphony by a classical master gives us the foundation. But Beethoven’s Seventh is there for another reason as well: John Adams’ Absolute Jest takes its inspiration (and its musical ideas!) from the late Beethoven quartets. It’s like Beethoven that’s been passed through a hall of mirrors, says Adams, and the result is a turbo-charged showpiece for string quartet and orchestra. And Stravinsky enters the picture because he, too, liked to take the music of other composers and make it his own.”