Absolutely Beethoven

Sydney Symphony Orchestra’s 2014 Absolutely Beethoven
Concert featuring new Chief Conductor, David Robertson.

The design brief required a focus on Beethoven’s influence over the musical program, as well as advertise David Robertson’s first concert as chief conductor. Each letter of Beethoven’s name contains an image; starting with a childhood portrait, the series continues through to a posthumous statue and evokes the immortal breadth of the composer’s work.

STRAVINSKY Symphony in Three Movements
ADAMS Absolute Jest
BEETHOVEN Symphony No.7

“A vibrant, dancing symphony by a classical master gives us the foundation. But Beethoven’s Seventh is there for another reason as well: John Adams’ Absolute Jest takes its inspiration (and its musical ideas!) from the late Beethoven quartets. It’s like Beethoven that’s been passed through a hall of mirrors, says Adams, and the result is a turbo-charged showpiece for string quartet and orchestra. And Stravinsky enters the picture because he, too, liked to take the music of other composers and make it his own.”


Conquerors of the World

Four inspiring stories of exploration, adventure and discovery.

Included are the real-life tales of french hero Jeanne Baré, the first lady to circumnavigate the world… whilst dressed as a man; Matthew Flinders’ much loved travel companion, Trim the cat; the rapacious Spanish Conquistadors’ search for El Dorado; and the amazing survival of Ernest Shakelton’s crew on the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition.

The stories take shape over four booklets. Each cover is adorned with a historical map relating to the adventures within. The booklets’ spines were stitched on my home sewing machine and sit snug inside a folder. Outside labels are hand-printed and tied with string. Illustrations through out the book are my own interpretations of traditional cartographic elements, including rhumb lines and compass roses.